Stephen Hall Design is not a “design group.” It is one exceptional art director/designer with a long track record of delivering award-winning results for his clients on time and on budget. Hall offers services that may meet your needs: publication design and art direction on an issue-by-issue basis or to solve specific problems in editorial presentation, such as creating a new look.
Hall’s approach to the business side is different from most other design consultants. He provides a firm, fixed price per issue, which includes all client alterations through five drafts. This pricing method makes it easy for clients to budget and never experience “invoice surprise.” Michael DeSimone, the former publisher of Regardie’s business magazine, Washington, DC, said of Stephen Hall, “At a time when cost-cutting has become a daily exercise, to find a consulting art director with such diverse talents has made the production of our magazine a much more manageable, cost-efficient situation.”
Hall is based in the Washington, DC area and works with various national and regional publishers. You may contact him at 240-831-1582 or via e-mail at (a d/b/a/of Stephen Hall Design).

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